Gamers Rise Up


The past few days have been quit eye opening for a lot of people. The meteoric rise of value of the GME stock price has shown many of how made up our financial institutions actually are. It has also shown how little divide there actually is between the various camps of political thought among the normal populace. Before this, I would have said that I have very little in common with your bog-standard political activist type, and if really pressed on my political beliefs I would have made some non-committal statements. What I have come to realize from the last few days, is that I have more in common with the farthest left average Joe than I do any member of the current ruling class. And this is the first time that not only is that true, but now for the first time there is a real chance of getting what I actually want, and what I believe most regular people want, a government that is actually for the people it Governs.

This seems to be the American ideal, what with all the "For the people, by the People" language in our founding document. However, if our government has proven anything the past decade it's that it has no qualms about ignoring the people's will for it's own goals. Whether your a BLM activist, or a member of the Trump's crew who "stormed" the capital, or something more radical who thinks the whole democracy experiment is kind of a meme, the US government has ignored and spat on you. This has to end. Government's should provide for their people, not an elite few who pay for special favors. Both sides of the political isle agree with this, unless they happen to be members of the ultra elite.

If Biden is right about anything, it's that it is time for unity. However, that unity is of the populists versus the political elite. It is time for every gamer, from the most ardent Hitler worshipper, to the most hard line comrade, from anarcho-communists to Mr McNuke himself. We need to come together and rise up against the current corruption. Balkanization can come later, once we populists have claimed land to balkanize